Monday, September 27, 2010

We're Back, and We're Answering Phones!

Sorry, we've been gone for awhile. complicated. But, hey, we're glad to see you!

I am delighted that this very day I have fodder for this blog. I would hate to think that 24 hours at this office could go by where something extraordinarily weird didn't happen.

Special K asked me some time last week if A and I could answer the phones for her when she planned to be gone the following Monday. I don't get a choice in this matter, so of course the answer is yes!!

In my inbox on Friday:

Dear L & A:

Thank you for agreeing to answer the phones on Monday, September 27.

The Long-Haired One just mentioned to me that Joe Schmoe may be calling to speak with her on Monday (9/27/10). Mr. Schmoe may call her cell phone, but he may also call her on the office telephone. Please interrupt so that she takes the call from him. Mr. Schmoe is currently traveling -- and may be calling from California (instead of Florida). No time frame for receipt of the call has been provided. Also, the Long-Haired One will be away from the office between noon and 2pm that day (Monday, 9/27/10) -- so if he calls before or after that time period please interrupt and let her know that Joe Schmoe is calling (the Long-Haired One will take his call).

Many thanks for all of your assistance.

Special K

I like the thorough explanation of not only the locations that our dear caller might ring from, but also the repeated mention of the day and date. I could very well have picked up the phone when Mr. Schmoe called and wondered aloud to him, "You would like to speak with the Long-Haired One? But, good sir. What is the day and date??"

As of this posting Mr. Schmoe has not phoned. I have not had to interrupt our dear director with this news. But at least I know the date! Three more days until pay day!

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