Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brain News

On my way out to lunch today, I caught Special K holding up high to see -- and pretty engrossed in -- a periodical entitled "Brain News."

I barely managed to not laugh until I got to the top of the steps.

Monday, March 16, 2009

An "email" for your "Monday": An introduction to the ominous "Someone Else"

After a meeting with the Boss Lady, it is determined that I need to obtain two things from Special K. One being a binder that she's lost track of (I have to say I'm surprised she doesn't lose things more often - well, tangible things), and I need a list of annual packet contents that it is her job to compile -- I can only assume she therfore has some idea what is in them. Why am I surprised that she has none of this information? It's only her job and all? I also knew the second Boss Lady said Special K's name, that these two simple requests will be just the beginning of a months-long journey, fraught with peril and danger... plus the introduction of what seems to be a new character addition to our small office -- the ominous "Someone Else." Sinister.... I also "know" things... sigh.

Special K's response to my information requests:

Dear S:

There is a copy of yearly meeting information I compile in chronological (by year) folders in the D office. There is not a list of packet enclosures. The last meeting packet is in Boss Lady's office – however – she does not really share the information that is placed in the packet. She shares the packet information now with someone else. I have not located the binder yet. Boss Lady stated that you and her “know” about it. She is not in her office at the present time if you would like to look in her office for this packet. I don’t really know or remember what the packet looks like.

Special K